Katedra Kulturoznawstwa Informacje dla Erasmus - Incoming Students

Information: Erasmus – Incoming Students

You are welcome to study cultural studies
at the University of Gdansk!

Our department signed Erasmus+ cooperation agreements with Latvian Academy of Culture  in Riga (Latvia) and University of Potsdam (Germany) for academic years 2014-2021.

We specialize in cultural studies, cultural theory, modern art studies, popular culture studies, film studies and cultural anthropology (small scale cultures). Our faculty and students conduct research in UK, Iceland, Ecuador, Siberia and other places.

Courses in the Department for Cultural Studies at University of Gdansk are taught in Polish but there is also a possibility of teaching in English, Spanish as well as German.

If you have any questions, please contact our Erasmus coordinator:
Grzegorz Piotrowski, PhD (peter_kilbourn@op.pl)


Classes offered in foreign languages for academic year 2014/15


Helena Draganik, Ph.D

  • Internet and Surveillance Society (elective course in English)
  • Blogging in Cyberculture (elective course in English or in Spanish)


Sebastian Jakub Konefał, Ph.D.

  • Counterculture and Audiovisual Media (lecture in English for Audiovisual Specialization in MA Studies)
  • Icelandic Cinema (elective course in English)


Magdalena Sacha, Ph.D.

  • Regionale Geschichte(n) des kulturellen Grenzlandes. Danzig, Kaschubei,
  • Masuren, Schlesien (elective course in German)


Aleksandra Wierucka, Ph.D.

  • Qualitative Research Methods in Cultural Studies (course in English for MA Students)
  • Anthropology of the Amazon (elective course in English)
  • Cultural Diversity of Both Americas (elective course in English)


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